Amy & Djin ' Borgo di Tragliata, Rome, Italy

What could be more romantic than a wedding in Rome? Rome is one of the capital cities of romance, if not the most romantic place in the world. It's very name evokes love, passion, timelessness and desire all at once. On a sunny, late summer day last year, Amy and Djin chose this most wonderful of places to pledge their vows of eternal love to one another. After all, it is the Eternal City of Rome! And yes, their wedding day was exceedingly romantic, and, true of the couple¡¯s youthful and fun-loving nature, it was also a day of amazing joy.
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Amy & Djin

Getting Married in Rome

Why get married in Rome, some might ask? And we answer, and why not? First, the Eternal City has a sense of history that few cities can rival. The city is resplendent with culture, with monuments and museums practically everywhere. Also, Romans are famous for their hospitality—in this city everyone is welcome, especially, we dare say, people who are as much in love as our bride and groom are. Rome’s mild climate all year round makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor weddings, and many couples choose to have aspects of both on their special day. Yes indeed, Rome makes a spectacular location for anyone’s wedding ceremony—as we can see from the couple’s photo in front of the Galleria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna. Borgo di Tragliata The bride and groom chose sun-kissed Borgo di Tragliata for the venue of their exchanging of vows and their reception that followed. It is also at this ancient village at the gates of the city that the couple chose to spend the hours leading up to the wedding ceremony, getting dressed in their wedding finery with the help of their friends, and writing their vows to each other. The bride’s loving attendants joined her for a yoga session hours before the ceremony, and then helped her into the first of her two bridal gowns. It was a very special moment indeed for the slim and stunning bride and her father. It was an outdoor wedding all the way for the couple, their families and dear friends, who thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the ceremony and reception. An excellent buffet was served at the Corte del Borgo. This was no ordinary wedding, but as the programme said, it was a wedding retreat, that went on into the wee small hours of the evening. After the feast, the dancing began, and then the bride donned her second wedding dress, with its gorgeous lace top and tiered and ribboned skirt. All the guests joined in the dancing, as well as the rest of the joyful activities such as the garter toss and bouquet-throwing.


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